congratulations KSUX's chopper scott, welcome to the lasik family!

It was a success!

It was all done in 18 minutes. KSUX's Chopper Scott now has 20/20 vision after having LASIK done by our own Dr. Beth Bruening. Tuesday morning, Jan. 20th, Chopper went under the "bladeless" knife with the KSUX team broadcasting the entire procedure LIVE from our office on 105.7. Tony N Candice gave a play-by-play of the procedure even saying at times Chopper was even talking while the surgery was going on! Now, that's a pretty convenient procedure.

We had a blast with the KSUX team and Chopper was a wonderful patient to work with. Our staff loved him. Below are a few snapshots of how the day went. Click to enlarge. 


The surgery went smoothly. 239 pulses of light energy were done in each eye to meet Chopper's prescription. A customized prescription is determined prior to surgery. Chopper walked out able to read the eye chart without his glasses. He's a changed man with 20/20 vision!

A big thank you to Chopper Scott for letting us be part of his LASIK journey and to the KSUX team for coming out and broadcasting from our office. The whole thing shined light on the convience of LASIK and how easy and pain-free it is to undergo a surgery that can change your life completely. Thanks so much guys and congratulations again Chopper! Welcome to the LASIK family

WATCH Chopper Scott's post surgery interview with Tony Michaels!

Right after Chopper was finished with surgery, Tony pulled him to the side and asked him how the surgery went. 

Chopper said the surgery felt like 10 minutes and was really fast. (Technically, it was 18 minutes but close enough.) 

Would he recommend it to others? Of course.


LISTEN to how Chopper felt the day after surgery.

Didn't get a chance to hear the LIVE broadcast? LISTEN to it below!

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